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October 17, 2011


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The problem with the smart is everyone in the world who wanted one now has one. And they have no other models to sell to owners whose needs change. The iQ seems better thought-out, and selling it as a Scion aims it at those most willing to consider a car of this type. I think it will be much more successful. And I think we'll see an electric version before too long...

Scootin' Old Skool

Roger Grotewold

Toyota always seems to enter a segment right after the other manufacturers have started the market. It is only then, after noting the weaker points of the other vehicles, that Toyota enters that market. Their cars enhance and improve on these very points. Toyota always seems to strike a happy medium, take the Camry for example, that always seems to make sure they are successful and a leader in that particular segment of the market.

Once again Parkhurst has done an excellent job of portraying this very fact in his article.

Erwin Calverley

Hmmm... smartcars lack the power of conventional cars. But they do have advantages that should to be noted. Traditional petrol heads, however, tend to go for conventional fossil fuel vehicles.

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Buying a car should have different reasons and considerations to be taken note of. This is a good article to read about it.

Sebastian Gaydos

That's one heck of a car dude. I love the metallic blue color. It makes the car more elegant.

Chevy HHR cold air intake

It's about time this car has been developed. It's all you can think you can get in car.

mississauga car owner

So small..it is indeed so cute.

Drop Suspension

Big things come in small packages they say. It's one good car.

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