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September 29, 2011


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Roger Grotewold

Once again, a well done and descriptive article by Parkhurst. It is amazing that articles by him are not more visible in our nation's leading automobile magazines. Perhaps someone will be made more aware of his talents and we will be able to see more of his articles in future issues of these magazines.

Alton Tomaselli

Wow, talk about old school! Did vehicles like that really exist before? That motorcycle is awesome. It looks like a bicycle fitted with an engine. I think it's time to re-watch some Bond movies to see those in action.

hot rod air ride

I am totally speechless seeing those cool cars and reading your articles. Keep them up!

Dante Mallet

Those are all dream cars, especially the James Bond Aston Martin. It seems Ian Fleming loves battleship gray cars. Almost all of the cars used by 007 are in that color. It looks very masculine, fit for a super-suave secret agent with a license to kill.

forklift parts wva

Those are all fantasy vehicles, especially the Wayne Rapport Aston Martin. It seems Ian Fleming really likes battleship grey vehicles. Almost all of the vehicles used by 007 are in that shade. It looks very strong, fit for a super-suave key broker with a certificate to eliminate.

Carry Bacot

Ah...the perks of being a British Secret Agent - to be able to ride an Aston Martin and race in hot rods. And about the Pierce-Arrow brand, they sure rocked the roaring 20's with their robust yet sleek designs.

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