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August 23, 2011


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The prices being asked for Microbuses in any condition are nothing short of insane. I'm hoping VW will do a rebooted Microbus based on the new Up! platform. The Bulli concept is really just a Scion xB with a VW emblem. An Up!-based New Microbus would be much closer to the spirit of the original, yet much more powerful and fuel-efficient. And the heater would work... ;)


What an amazing turnout of vintage VWs...

hot rod air ride

With its abundance of parts you can easily work on this Beetle and have it fully customized by yourself. Wouldn't it be great to see your work with this Beetle: your design, your style, your performance.

Leisa Dreps

My love for the Beetle started when I was young. So when I saw this fiery orange Beetle here, I instantly fell in love. It’s great when the classic look of vintage cars get tweaked a bit to add flavor to the spice. These owners can drive these tweaked out cars on the streets and still feel the "flower power" of the 60's. Oh, the two tone paint job done in the fourth photo looks dashing, by the way.

Maria Wegner

That first Beetle looks rad. It's more of a copper-like color, and the glow it gets from the sun makes it shine like a star. Wax poetic aside, it just shows that you don't need to be a hotrod to make a car look awesome or luxurious. Hard work is all it takes to translate your sense of style into any vehicle.

Nettie Christensen

For me, the air-cooled VW Bug was the best among these classics! It just looks amazingly dashing. It must’ve been taken care of very well since it looks like a brand new Beetle! You really have to admire the owner of this car.

Tyra Shortino

Volkswagen has the most beloved vintage cars, I believe! Especially the Beetle, which has been featured as an animated leading character in a famous movie – Herbie: Fully Loaded. Ever since my kids watched that movie, they all started liking the idea of having a Beetle as their first car when they grow up =)

Mickey Doshi

The sweet, orange Volkswagen Bug is my pick for the best Beetle here. Isn’t it just awesome? It’s really perfect for a summer road trip, don’t you think? And because of the paint color, you wouldn’t be able to determine the real age of this cute car.

Geordie Vincent

I own 25 VWs up here in Canada,but none for sale,as I have a few rat-rod projects to design for them. Wanting to chat with anyone out there who has built,or studied the geometry of a 'reversed VW front-end'..what it entails in design,how the steering must be reworked(if using 'rack & pinion' is best),what alternatives to tube-shocks can be fitted,and what to expect at highway speeds concerning vibrations/wander etc.
And lastly how to insure correct Camber,Caster & Tow-in for the reversed VW unit.
I`d prefer that possibility as it moves the wheels out-front 9-inches,without the addition of a frame-adapter,nor all those Ford parts that must be added.Want just VW parts on mine. Thank you in advance !

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